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By playing The Scotto, you are raising money to help communities throughout Scotland.

With each play in the lottery, we’re able to help local community groups, disadvantaged people, families and other good causes across the whole of Scotland.

All funds raised are distributed by a grant-giving charity, The Jackpot Community Trust. 

The Jackpot Community Trust

The Jackpot Community Trust is a third sector grant providing body that supports charities, community groups and others, across all corners of Scotland. The Trust’s objective is to help Scotland’s local communities and those that reside in them.

The Trust will champion the work of eligible charities through the promotion of education, improvement of health, skills and social development, community engagement and citizenship. Investing in the organisation and the projects they deliver to ensure effective support is provided for those they help.

The Jackpot Community Trust does not hold application windows and is unable to consider unsolicited applications. The Trust operates on a closed application basis. Charities are invited at the discretion of the Jackpot Community Trust to be in receipt of funding awards.

The Jackpot Community Trust has a Scottish Charity Number SC052059

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